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Photos from Tikal

We caught a 5.00 am bus from Flores to Tikal. We thought we might be able to see the sunrise over the Pyramids, but it wasn't possible. The ticket office opens at 6.00 am, and then it's another 22 km to the car park and a 20 minute walk from there to the Grand Plaza, so the only way to be there for sunrise is to stay in the park. It was a bit overcast when we got there as well.

The pyramids at Tikal seemed to be a lot steeper than the others we'd seen, but partly that's due to the Roof Combs over the temples which are about a quarter of the total height.

The Great Plaza is flanked by the North and South Acropolis, Temple of the Grand Jaguar and Temple II. Since a couple of people were killed falling from the Temple of the Grand Jaguar it's been closed, but we climbed Temple II opposite.

The busiest part of the site is the Great Plaza, when we went to the Plaza of the Seven Temples, the Gran Pyramid and Mundo Perdido we were completely on our own.

A lot of the structures were only restored on one side so we could get an idea of what they looked like before restoration.

For us Tikal and Palenque were the two best sites we visited. The ruins were fantastic and their setting in the rainforest added to the impression.

The rainforest around the ruins is a nature reserve. We saw monkeys, coatis, crocodiles, lizards and plenty of birds. Unfortunately most of them wouldn't stay still, or let us get close but we got a few pictures.

Shiry thought these toilets were the best of the whole holiday. We heard the next woman who came out say the same to her friends.

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