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Photos from Sharm El Sheikh

The dives today were Ras Katy and Tower for the Recreationals, the Tec divers were exhausted after carrying all their tanks to the side of the boat




Mondays dives were at Jackson's Reef and Thomas' Reef

The rec divers finished the day with a night dive.


Tuesday we went to Ras Mohammed. The Rec divers dived at Shark Point and Yolanda, then Ras Za'arra, while the Tec divers did their thing.

Wednesdays dives are on the Thistlegorm, which means an early start (4.30), and probably an early night.....


We all made it onto the boat, despite most of us leaving the bar before midnight (that's most, not all) but everyone got at least two hours sleep, and we could catch up on the boat.



These pictures are from Thursdays dives at Woodhouse Reef, Jackson's Reef and Ras Nasrani

These pictures are from the last Rec dives at Ras Bob and White Knight.

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