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Photos from Scotland

These pictures are from our holiday in Scotland. They are from our ascent of An Teallach, a visit to the beach at Oldshoremore and a walk around Loch Muick

We were lucky with the weather - the only sunny day we had was the day we chose to climb An Teallach.

We didn't have time to climb the entire ridge, although I'm sure my fear of heights would have ruled that out anyway! Coming down was a lot more trouble than going up - Shiry ended up with six black toenails, which slowed us down a lot. Every time we stopped we were attacked by swarms of midges, even though I was wearing 50% DEET mosquito repellent. Apparently the only thing that keeps them away is "Skin-So-Soft" Dry Oil Body Spray from Avon. The next day we drove north to the beach at Oldshoremore.

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