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Photos from Palenque

We got into Palenque at 5.00 am after an exhausting bus journey. Luckily Hotel Xibalba let us check in early, and after an hours sleep we caught a collectivo to the ruins.

The countryside around the ruins was hilly farmland and reminded me of Somerset, except for the occasional palm and banana trees. And the men with machetes walking to work.

After our time in the yucatan, which was so flat, it was a refreshing change.

The pyramids seem to be built into the hillsides.

After flat sites like Uxmal and Chichen Itza it was nice to wander around the hills in Palenque.

Down the hillside from the ruins is a very good museum. Unfortunately the cafe attached to it wasn't so good.

The walk from the ruins to the museum crosses a river and passes some beautiful waterfalls

Palenque seemed to be a very business-like town, rather than just for tourists. A lot of the stores were selling agricultural supplies.

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