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Photos from Bangkok

We came here because we had to.

Well what can I say? Bangkok was a real disappointment for us. Maybe it was the weather (very hot & humid), maybe it was the crowds and traffic, maybe it was just that it was the end of our holiday.

But the main reason was that everywhere we went people came up to us to tell us that it was closed/there was a holiday/it was for Thais only but they could get us a cheap Tuk Tuk ride to somewhere that was open etc (there's more on this scam here). Frankly this got very annoying after a couple of times, and was a total contrast to how helpful people had been everywhere else we'd visited.

In Bangkok we stayed three nights at the Novotel Lotus just off Sukumvit Road - very nice, but a lot more "corporate" than our other hotels.

We spent our first day visiting the Wat Pho (reclining buddha), Wat Phra Keow (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and Royal Palace. We took the Skytrain to the river and then a boat up to Tha Tien to get to the Wats and the Grand Palace.

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